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Rocketlok Adjustable Kettlebell
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Kettlebell exercises that allow the person using them to literally ‘swing’ their way to physical fitness, have over the last couple of years become very popular and widespread. Most gyms today have different Kettlebell sessions, and many fitness instructors and personal trainers are using Kettlebells within circuit-based programs and exercise routines for their clients. Among the most popular Kettlebells today is the Rocketlock Adjustable Kettlebell.

Below is a comprehensive Rocketlock adjustable kettlebell review:

Key Benefits

As a popular fitness tool, Kettlebells come with numerous benefits. These include:

• Great cardiovascular exercise without having to use a cycle or treadmill
• Exercise flexibility
• Combines strength and cardio exercises in a single unit
• Great for fat loss
• Varied in weight
• Fun to use
• Compared to barbells and dumbbells, they are more easily accessible.

The solid steel Rocketlock adjustable design allows the user to adjust kettlebell weight easily. But perhaps even more significantly, you can do that without altering the overall weight distribution or outer dimensions. The adjustable weights are made of solid steel, and are cylindrical, fitting together smoothly so as not cause rattling as weights shifts inside the bell.

Available in Different Sizes:

The Rocketlock adjustable kettlebell is available in 2 sizes: the smaller adjustable option between 14-20lb (3lb increments) and the larger 24lb — 36lb adjusts (4lb increments).

The Rocketlock 14-20 Adjustable Kettlebell

Most Rocketlock adjustable kettlebell reviews show that they have been built from solid cast steel. The14-20 Adjustable kettlebell handle and fixed body feels and looks just like the traditional Kettlebell. You will not need any tools to change the weight cylinders. In its resting position, the unit stands on the floor which makes it good for Kettlebell exercises and push-ups.

Good for Beginners

The 14-20 kettlebell is excellent for beginners as you will absolutely not need any tools to remove the weights. This makes it very ideal as you can quickly commence your exercises without having to worry about tools to fix the different weights or how it works.

Key features include:

• Solid cast steel handle and body
• Weighted solid steel interior cylinders
• No tools needed to remove/add weight
• Retains the traditional kettlebell shape
• Molded polyurethane cap that comes with an easy slide locking mechanism that secures the weights safely
• Adjustable weights – 14, 17, and 20 pounds
• Balance remains consistent at all weight levels.

Safety Aspects:

A very important feature of the 14-20 Adjustable kettlebell is that the weight lock has a molded polyurethane cap that operates easily with a slide lock mechanism. This holds the weights tightly to ensure they don’t move as you exercise. For those who prefer a heavier kettlebell, it is better to go for 24-36 adjustable kettlebell.

The Rocketlock 24-36 Adjustable Kettlebell

The 24-36 Adjustable Kettlebells offers the user the same sort of experience that is provided by fixed-weight Kettlebells. The difference is the greater range of weight adjustability possible within one unit. Because of a consistent center of gravity and weight distribution, the experience of the user is balanced and authentic.

Key features include:

• Adjustable 24 to 36-pound weights
• Center of gravity and balance stays consistent
• Solid cast steel handle and body
• Weighted solid steel interior cylinders
• Retains the traditional kettlebell shape
• Molded polyurethane cap for safety
• Requires no tools to remove/add weight.

Easy and Quick Weight Change

The 24-36 Adjustable Kettlebells weights are easy to change down or up, and the molded polyurethane locking cap is secure and safe. For advanced and professional users, the 24-36 Kettlebells unit is the best option with 24 pounds offering a sensible starting point.

Easy to Upgrade

For the more advanced user, the 24-36 Rocketlock Adjustable Kettlebells unit offers 4 different weight adjustments available in increments of 4 pounds. As you go up the ladder, you can gradually upgrade your weight starting at 24 pounds all the way to 36 pounds.


The sleek patented design of the Rocketlock kettlebell has completely revolutionized this class of adjustable kettlebells. It retains the traditional kettlebells shape, and at all weight levels, it retains the center of gravity and balance to ensure user safety.

Best for

The Rocketlock 24-36 adjustable kettlebell balance and center of gravity is consistent at all weight levels making it the most ideal choice for light and extreme kettlebell exercises.The polyurethane molded cap makes sliding and locking easy for user safety when lifting or swinging the kettlebell.

Key Features of Rocketlock Adjustable Kettlebells

What makes the Rocketlock adjustable Kettlebell units stand out among many other variants of adjustable Kettlebells can be found in the weights themselves. The Rocketlock kettlebells cylinders slot inside each other (inside a unit), retaining the same size and shape at all weight levels. Essentially, this gives you the authentic feel like you are using fixed-weight Kettlebells, yet they give the added bonus of comfort and adjustability.

Whatever your weight setting, the weight distribution and center of gravity stays consistent to ensure you get a user experience comparable to none. Additionally, the weights are very easy and quick to change down or up. The locking mechanism is easy to assemble, robust, and has been molded in a polyurethane cap.

Rocketlock Adjustable Kettlebells are best for:

Looking at the practical side, you can achieve the full breadth of Kettlebell exercises when you are using the Rocketlock adjustable kettlebells. Rocketlock adjustable kettlebells have been designed for that person who is serious about working with kettlebells yet is seeking space-saving features that can only be afforded by an adjustable kettlebell.


Although these kettlebells are certainly a bit pricier compared to the standard kettlebells, in exchange you will be getting quality products which are very durable, and have been precision tooled. Additionally, the Rocketlock Adjustable Kettlebells take up much less space compared to similar single kettlebells.

The best-selling point that makes the Rocketlock Adjustable Kettlebells clear winners is their clever design which has been developed to keep the kettlebell shape and weight distribution constant. This is very important to keen kettlebells exercises enthusiasts as it preserves the feel of the traditional kettlebell which relies on the weight distribution and specific shape of the kettlebell itself.

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