POWERBLOCK Adjustable Kettlebell, Black, 35 lb, (Model:...
  • Replaces 4 kettlebells in the space of 1
  • Contoured shell provides exceptional comfort
  • Feels like a solid iron kettlebell with the advantages of...
  • Increments 18 22 26 and 35 lbs
  • All steel construction with steel selection pin with magnetic lock

These kettlebells are suitable for both beginners and intermediates who are willing to do kettlebell training at home. Powerblock makes some the best fitness strength training equipment and the kettleblocks are the best example, The kettleblock 20 covers a light weight range of 5-20 lbs (5 weight increments) while the kettleblock 40 encompasses a heavier weight range from 8-40 lbs (8 weight increments). These two kettlebells are the equivalent of 247 lbs worth of weights, that’s a full set of 13 kettlebells; which means that the Powerblock kettleblock 20 & 40 are one of the most economic and space saving adjustable kettlebells that are made for personal and home use.

Plus, you can also diversify your weight options by buying a standalone handle from Powerblock. So, if you’re trying to have the most compact sized kettlebells with the most versatile weights, then these kettleblock are made for you.


Kettleblock 20:

Weight Range – 5-20 lbs

Weight Settings – 5, 8, 12, 16, 20 lbs

Dimensions – 13 x 11 x 10 inches

Handle Width – Wide.

Kettleblock 40:

Weight Range – 8-40 lbs

Weight Settings – 8, 12, 16, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40 lbs

Dimensions – 7.5 x 7.5 x 12.5 inches

Handle Width – Wide enough for two handed grip.

Ease of Adjusting Weights – the weight adjusting mechanism is based on a selector pin/weight design, it also comes with a simple color weight chart to help you choose your desired weights easily and be more familiarize with them on the long term. Plus, the selector pin is very fast to switch and lock due to the magnetic piece which is ideal for fast paced workouts.

Easy to use in workouts? –Kettleblocks have indeed a different design than a regular kettlebell, but it definitely performs just like one. The unique design offers many weight adjustment options to choose from but still feels like a regular dumbbell when using it; the weight adjustment mechanism makes it easier and faster to switch around from one exercise to the other.

Powerblock kettleblock handle:

An alternative to the 20 & 40 models is to buy a Kettleblock handle. It is an attachable handle that can be attached to a Urethane set.  The handle can be attached to one of Powerblock’s Urethane sets (U-50, U-70 and U-90) which can replace up to 20 kettlebells per set. It is a huge space saver and definitely great value for the price.

Who is this Product made for?

Powerblock’s kettleblocks are aimed at people seeking the most economic and household-friendly solution for their home kettlebell training activities, ideal for beginners and intermediate user who are willing to achieve personal fitness goals at home.

The Kettleblocks are very compact in terms of size and can easily be placed anywhere around your house; they can be used to perform all the traditional kettlebell exercises, the center of gravity feels very settled for an adjustable kettlebell and the weight adjustment mechanism is simple to use and responds very fast when performing fast paced cardio exercises, supersets, dropsets, etc. Some of the exercises that can be done using these kettlebells are: biceps curls, bottom up press, lunge, overhead squat, push press, rows, goblet squats, etc. However, Due to the design of the kettleblock, doing exercises like the Snatch is very risky and can cause a wrist injury.

How Does This Compare to Other Brands?

Kettleblock is a solid kettlebell brand, it’s been in the market for a long time and it is known for manufacturing high quality equipment and constantly working on improving it. Powerblock raised the bar for their competitors, the design used in the kettleblock and the weight adjustment mechanism made the Powerblock kettlebells very flexible to workout with.

The kettleblock is quiet compared to it’s a lot of adjustable kettlebells, making it a friendly equipment for indoor environments. Another feature that made the kettleblock stand out is the kettleblock 40’s ability to attach an expansion pack which will increase the maximum weight of the kettleblock to 55 lbs providing a higher weight range for more experienced kettlebell users. The kettleblock might not look like a regular bell like other adjustable kettlebells from ‘’ironmasters’’ or ‘’kettlebell kings’’ but there’s a great advantage to this unique design.

When you adjust weight plates in a traditional adjustable kettlebell you will end up with a bunch of weight plates laying around you, but when using the kettleblock, adjusting to a new weight setting will leave you with an organized stack of weights that will take the least amount of working space.


  • Solid build quality and high durability.
  • Can be stored anywhere.
  • Simple and fast weight adjustment mechanism.
  • Superb control over the kettleblocks’ weight (5 to 40 lbs through 13 increments).
  • Wide handles with a durable finish, has slight texture to it for a better grip.
  • Feels very safe and quite while swinging it.


  • Odd design for a kettlebell.
  • Height of the kettlebell may cause it to hit the ground when doing certain exercises.
  • Exercises like the snatch cannot be performed with the kettleblock due to the risk of injury.
  • Due to the high value, the two kettleblocks all-together are the highest in price.

Overall :

The Powerblock kettleblock 20 & 40 can replace a full set of kettlebells, they obviously save a ton of space and they are reasonably priced for the value. The bell’s weight adjustment mechanism is very simple, fast and feels very secure even during heavy weight exercises and as long as you avoid snatches or any similar movements, you can perform any traditional kettlebell exercise.

If you choose to buy the kettleblock 20 & 40 and the Powerblock kettleblock handle, you will end up with the most economic yet versatile weight settings through a very compact size.