POWERBLOCK Adjustable Kettlebell, Black, 35 lb, (Model:...
  • Replaces 4 kettlebells in the space of 1
  • Contoured shell provides exceptional comfort
  • Feels like a solid iron kettlebell with the advantages of...
  • Increments 18 22 26 and 35 lbs
  • All steel construction with steel selection pin with magnetic lock

The Powerblock adjustable kettlebell is a beginner to intermediate kettlebell; it has a unique pyramid-like design that allows a better performance and offers a faster way of adjusting weight plates. The weight on this bell ranges from 18-35 lbs in the form of 3 increments. Regardless of the improved design, this kettlebell is still aimed for home use, and it can perform like any regular kettlebell if not better. Considered as a 4 in 1 kettlebell, this adjustable bell is a money saver as you are avoiding buying a set of kettlebells that will not only cost a lot but will also take a lot of space to store at home.


Weight Range: 18-35 lbs

Weight Settings: 18, 22, 26, 35 lbs settings

Dimensions: 4.25 x 5.75 x 10 inches; 35 lbs

Handle Width: Wide handle (good for 2 handed or 1 handed grip)

Ease of Adjusting Weights: The new single pin design makes the whole process of adjusting weights much easier and definitely faster. Held in place with a magnet, the pin is totally secured and will stay in place no matter how intense is the movement done with this kettlebell.

Easy to use in workouts? The Powerblock company made some major adjustments to their kettlebell’s design which improved its performance significantly. The bell became much more comfortable to use, even though it is the same size as any regular kettlebell, it feels equally secure.

Not to mention the improved quality of the finish and the new handle size which solved many issues with the company’s earlier bells such as: the loss of grip when the palm gets sweaty and the bad handle length which created difficulty in some exercises.



The kettlebell‘s handle is comfortably wide, the finish on it has a nice texture to it allowing a strong grip without having to use chalk or lifting gloves. This kettlebell is a really flexible unit as it can be used in lightweight exercises or heavyweight ones which is ideal for both beginners and intermediates. Plus, the locking mechanism is based on a steel selection pin with a magnetic lock which is quite fast to perform and very easy to use. With that all being said, if you are seeking something that will not only help you train safely at home, but also saves your money and can be easily stored anywhere, then the Powerblock adjustable kettlebell is definitely the one for you.

Who is this product made for?

This adjustable kettlebell is smartly sized and designed to be used and easily stored at home. The bell is made for beginners/ intermediates, and thanks to the superb build quality and the smooth finish on the handle, the kettlebell will perform really safe especially when it comes to sweaty palms as the handle’s consistent quality texture provides a strong grip that eliminates the need for any kind of chalk or lifting gloves. The bell can be used to perform virtually all kettlebell exercises such as the clean, the goblet squat, swing, etc. it is also important to note that Powerblock’s team did a great job with solving an earlier issue in their adjustable kettlebell caused by the short distance between the handle and the actual bell which used to stimulate a contact between the forearm and the bell which could cause a serious injury for beginners especially when doing snatches.

How does this compare to other brands?

Powerblock is claiming to have created the most ergonomic adjustable kettlebell ever, and they were right. The company dropped the standard “nested” plate system and went with a new pyramid-like stacked weights mechanism where they had a static external shell and a steel selection to cover the weights and a pin with a magnetic lock instead of the old selector fork. These new changes had the new Powerblock adjustable kettlebell on top of the game.

Powerblocks were given a hard time for not having the ordinary feel of a regular kettlebell. But with the new adjustable kettlebell’s design, Powerblock is now a real competitor in the market. The bell is very durable throughout the years and it is relatively higher in price than other economic-friendly brands like “Rogue”, “Ader”, “Mdusa”. And just like any other kettlebell in this price range, the quality that comes with the Powerblock adjustable kettlebell is top notch, the welds on the handle are very smooth, the size of the bell is very compact and can be easily placed anywhere. Finally, just like competition kettlebells, this bell‘s size and shape is static which makes it easier for beginners to adapt to the overall feel of the movements done with this kettlebell.


  • High quality build and structure.
  • Perfectly wide handles for beginners.
  • Very fast and easy-to-use adjustment mechanism.
  • A very Smooth finish with a slight degree of texture to it, ensuring a constant strong grip over time.
  • Static small size and shape.
  • Very safe and secure during intense movements.
  • Solid adjustable Weight range.
  • Little to no unnecessary movements while swinging the kettlebell.
  • Can be used to perform virtually any kettlebell exercise.
  • Space-saving and economic-friendly.


  • Generates a slightly noisy sound while swinging the kettlebell.
  • When normally holding the bell, Positioning of the retaining pin might feel uncomfortable for some.
  • Relatively high in price.
  • Only Available in black.
  • Relatively Low number of weight increments

Overall :

The new Powerblock adjustable kettlebell solved many problems from the earlier models; the new design is much smaller, and the weight adjusting mechanism became even easier and faster to use. The size of the handle and the quality finish on it makes the kettlebell super beginner friendly and the weight adjusting feature that offers up to 35 lbs in weight makes the kettlebell suitable for intermediates as well. The price is high for a single kettlebell, but since it’s a 4 in 1 kettlebell that performs like any regular kettlebell, this bell is totally worth a shot.