Mir - Pro 83lbs Adjustable Kettlebell( From 10lbs to 83lbs )
  • Wide handle for comfortable 1 or 2 handed workouts.
  • Speed pin lock to quickly adjust weights in and out. Maximum stability...
  • Adjustable in 11lbs increments. Min 10lbs - Max 83lbs.
  • Save space and money by using the MiR adjustable Kettle bell. Why buy...
  • Recommended for CrossFitters, Personal Trainers, and all athletes.

The Mir pro adjustable kettlebell is a heavy adjustable kettlebell that offers professional level qualities; it is aimed at advanced and experienced athletes who are looking for very challenging weights to diversify their workout routine and increase their strength, endurance, balance and agility at home.


Weight Range – 10-83 lbs

Weight Settings – 10, 21, 32, 43, 54, 65, 76, 83 lbs

Dimensions – not available.

Handle Width – Wide.

Ease of Adjusting Weights – The Mir pro adjustable kettlebell’s weight adjustment mechanism is based on a pin lock mechanism, while this adjustment mechanism is very easy and fast to perform in other adjustable kettlebells; this is not the case with the Mir Pro adjustable kettlebell.  Since the kettlebell can get heavy, the weight changing mechanism here is designed to focus more on safety and performance than the speed of changing weights. So, the weight changing mechanism might be challenging to get used to, but it is very safe.

Easy to use in workouts? – This kettlebell is made for performance; it is very stable and secure during workouts. The design is similar to a regular kettlebell, no matter what weight setting the bell is adjusted to, the center of gravity is always static and will not change when adjusting the bell to a new weight setting. For an advanced user, this kettlebell will be very easy to get used to and will help him or her perform more challenging exercises and routines.


Just like any other adjustable kettlebell, the Mir pro adjustable bell saves a lot of money and space by replacing a full set of 7 kettlebells which can cost a lot meaning that it’s also a money saver. The kettlebell really represents the term “industrial strength,” it is durable and feels very solid and secure when swinging/lifting.

The weight adjustment mechanism is not the fastest but it’s definitely safe, the weight setting varies from 10-83 lbs in the form of 7 increments of 11 lbs. With such a versatile and heavy weight settings, the Mir adjustable kettlebell is the heaviest adjustable kettlebell the market has ever seen. The bell can also be used by beginners who are planning to progress seriously in building strength, but it’s not the simplest kettlebell for a first timer. If your goal is to challenge your body’s strength and take your kettlebell training routine to the next level, then this adjustable kettlebell will fit your goals.


Who is this product made for?

The Mir pro adjustable kettlebell is aimed at athletes who are serious about their kettlebell training. It is really heavy for a compact sized kettlebell, but is flexible enough to be used for light-weight, high-intensity workouts to burn fat. It can also be used for heavy weight compound exercises to build strength and muscle mass. The bell can be used to perform any kettlebell exercise such as; Windmill, Swing, Goblet Squat, biceps curls, bottom up press, lunge, push press, rows, etc.

However, the adjustable bell design is bulky and the handles are longer than regular kettlebells which make it hard to use the kettlebell to perform cleans or any similar movement. Other than that, the bell’s handle is wide enough to fit both hands and has a good texture that allows a strong grip, but it is highly advised to use gloves or to apply matt when using heavier weights to ensure a safe workout. That being said, the kettlebell is ideal for Crossfitters, Athletes, Military personnel, or anyone else who looking for a challenging workout.

How Does This Compare to Other Brands?

Unlike adjustable kettlebells from ironmasters, king kettlebells, Powerblock and many other brands, the Mir pro kettlebell is made for endurance, durability and performance rather than speed, design and versatility. By sacrificing the speed of the weight adjustment mechanism (up to 5 minutes for a single adjustment), the company has created the heaviest adjustable kettlebell in the market.

Due to the heavy weight and the numerous adjustable settings, this kettlebell can be used for competition training at home or to achieve particular fitness goals. Another advantage this bell has is the quality of materials used in the manufacturing, very durable and will perform flawlessly on the long term unlike other cheap brands that start to lose efficiency after a year of two of constant use.

Regardless of the heavy weight, this kettlebell can reach, the bell feels secure, stable and is very quite during intense movements unlike some economic-friendly brands such as MDUSA, Rogue, etc.


  • The heaviest adjustable weight a single adjustable kettlebell can get without extra expansions.
  • Solid build quality.
  • Similar design to a regular kettlebell.
  • Saves money and space.
  • Steady and constant high performance that lasts.
  • Very quiet and steady performance.
  • Wide handles, high quality finish.
  • Safe weight locking mechanism.


  • Longer handles than regular kettlebell handles (might cause the bell to hit the ground in some exercises).
  • Slow weight adjustment mechanism.
  • Is difficult to use in over-the-head exercises.
  • High in price.
  • Low number of weight increments for such a wide weight range.
  • Not suitable for beginners.


The Mir pro adjustable kettlebell is a professional unit with some solid features to it; it is very durable and will last for many years with minimal maintenance. It will save you loads space, and it is well worth its price.

The adjustable kettlebell can be used by beginners but it’s not aimed at them. That being said, an adjustable kettlebell that can be stored anywhere at home, and can weigh up to 83 lbs and still perform quietly and securely is quite useful.