Gold's Gym Kettlebell Kit
  • Vinyl, cement-filled design
  • Comfortable, extra-wide grip provides a comfortable grip and easy...
  • Comes with a workout DVD
  • Exercise chart included
  • Comes with 5 lb, 10 lb and 15 lb kettlebell

Gold’s Gym is probably the most popular brand for bodybuilders, power builders, and cross fitters. When it comes to buying products from this brand, Premium quality is what everyone expects, and that’s what gold’s gym offers in the Gold’s gym adjustable kettlebell.

This bell can be used to perform any regular kettlebell exercise, and it will give you more freedom over the intensity of your workout’s routine. With the Gold’s gym extreme adjustable kettlebell being cheaper compared to other similar products in the market and due to the quality offered by this bell, the deal is too good to be missed. If you’re looking for something flexible that would fit your workout plan, strength and body’s capabilities, then this is the adjustable kettlebell for you.


Weight Range – 5-20 lbs

Weight Settings – 5, 8, 11, 14, 17, 20 lbs

Handle Width – Wide

Ease of Adjusting Weights – the weight adjustment mechanism is based on an easy-lock mechanism where you simply slide the little circle on top of the bell, remove the desired weight and that’s it. This mechanism is known to be very easy and simple to use, and it responds very fast when needing to transition from one exercise to the other, which is crucial in a beginner’s workout routine. There’s a total of 5 weight increments that weight 3 lbs which make it less complicated to adjust the kettlebell to the right weight setting.

Easy to use in workouts? – You can easily fit one or both hands on the handle and have a strong grip that would allow you to execute any kettlebell exercise perfectly and you will have full control over the weight you want to work out with.

Who is this product made for?

This adjustable kettlebell is ideal for people trying to achieve their fitness goals; whether is it to lose weight, gain weight or improve the overall mobility. The kettlebell’s design allows you to perform virtually any exercise. The wide weight range gives you full control over the intensity of each exercise as you can do “high reps –light weight” or ‘’low reps –heavy weights’’. This is a good way to incorporate and integrate both cardio and strength into a single workout routine, definitely what every beginner needs when they’re first starting out.

Examples of exercises that can be done using the gold’s gym extreme 20 lbs adjustable kettlebell include: the Clean, Swing, Goblet Squat, biceps curls, windmill, rows, lunges and Turkish Get Up, etc. When swinging this adjustable kettlebell, it does make a slight crackling noise due to the adjustable weight increments, and the center of gravity might feel a bit off each time the weight is adjusted to a new setting, but it is nothing to worry about.

How Does This Compare to Other Brands?

The quality offered by this adjustable kettlebell for the price is exceptional; you would buy an adjustable kettlebell with the same weight range, fewer weight increments, and an odd shape from Powerblock for a much higher price.

This adjustable kettlebell is not only about the decent price, but it also presents durability and performance as it is made of high-quality metals that will take a lot of hits without getting damaged, and the weight adjustment mechanism is super safe and very appealing for a beginner’s fitness training needs. All these qualities made the gold’s gym adjustable kettlebell a strong competitor for many brands such as Stamina, titan fitness, iron masters, Powerblock, etc. That being said, this adjustable kettlebell is a very economic-friendly item that would save you both money and space which is a must-have feature to look for in any adjustable kettlebell and any other adjustable fitness equipment.


  • Relatively low in price for the given value.
  • Versatile weight settings.
  • Has a design similar to a regular kettlebell.
  • Save both money and space.
  • Can be used to perform virtually any traditional kettlebell exercise.
  • Is compact in size, can be used and stored anywhere.
  • Has wide handles, suitable for beginners.
  • Center of gravity feels very secure.
  • Comes with a free workout DVD and an exercise guide.


  • Makes a slight noise when swinging it.
  • Cannot attach extra weight expansions to the bell.
  • Comes in one color way.
  • Center of gravity shifts with each weight setting.


The Gold’s gym extreme 20 lbs adjustable kettlebell is a perfect item for a beginner’s home workout equipment; it doesn’t take up too much space, and in-fact saves it by replacing six kettlebells. Buying a full set of kettlebells can get expensive but buying a single adjustable kettlebell will cut down all the extra expenses. This kettlebell is designed to help beginners achieve their fitness goals regardless of strength and body condition.