Fitness Gear Adjustable Kettlebell Review

Fitness Gear Adjustable Kettlebell
  • Grip
  • Weight Range
  • Quality/Durability
  • Price


  • Weight can be adjusted all the way from 20 to 50 lbs
  • Grip is Ok but not the best in market
  • Good price considering the weight range you get
  • Great quality and comes with long term warranty
  • Very good product if you are operating between 20-50 lbs
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From leg strengthening squats to bicep curls and kettlebell swings, the adjustable kettlebell is a highly effective multi-function workout tool. It is a very new piece of equipment on the market, with the capacity of enhancing a full body workout in only 20 minutes. The versatile tool is ideal for multiple exercises and has come to replace the need for a variety of workout equipment in one session, with a range of 20lbs to 50 lbs. The gear has four spacer disks easily interchanged with standard weight plates.

The fitness gear adjustable kettlebell review below covers the uniqueness of fitness gears version over other adjustable kettlebells including the key benefits, features, and who they are best for.

Note: if you need something below 20lb we highly recommend the Rocketlok 14-20 lb option.

Key benefits

While the standard kettlebells play a significant role in enhancing individual exercises, the user often needs an extra set to complete the workout, and this can be an expensive move. With the Fitness Gear Adjustable Kettlebell, however, you only need one set, making it cheaper and more convenient. The other major benefit of this tool is that it adjusts.

With it, it is easy to manipulate the weight without there being any need for purchasing extra kettlebells. Not only does this result in a convenient choice, but also an economical one especially if your workouts incorporate different weights or you are outgrowing a fixed size. They are cheap and simple to use, making them an ideal choice for fitness fanatics starting their gym on a budget or those who need to achieve a contained workspace.

Key Features
• It is designed with cast iron and a powder coated finish for durability
• Has a traditional U-bar handle for a sturdy grip
• Offers up to 11 kettlebell builds with a range of 20 to 50lbs
• 20lb kettlebell with removable spacer disks
• Accommodates 2.5, 5, and 10lb plates
• 50lbs is the maximum recommended weight
• Suitable for upper body strength training, core exercises and sculpting
• Flat base for easy storage
• It is a fitness gear

How does it compare to Other Brands?

Fitness Gear Kettlebells are used in the same way as the regular ones but are easier to assemble and use, and tend to target multiple facets including strength, cardio, balance, agility, and endurance. Ideally, the adjustable kettlebell creates a holistic approach with a mass incorporation of body movements. It leaves the user working on an entirely different set of force and center of gravity.

However, for the inexperienced, using the handle can be a challenge. When buying, it is vital to choose a comfortable handle, bearing in mind that there are lots of poor quality adjustable kettlebells in the market today. A good quality gear should not be unsafe or flimsy. If it feels sturdy and has no seam that could render you to an uncomfortable session, it can be very effective for kettlebell workouts. The best handles are made with a powder coat to avoid slipping in your hands.

What is so great about the adjustable kettlebell over others is its user-friendly design and ease of use. The shape of the kettlebell remains unchanged across all weight ranges for minimal adjustments for the user’s techniques. Unlike other brands, the kettlebell is highly durable and strong, especially due to the hard metal and the protective outer coating it comes with. Its center of mass unlike is the case in other brands sits under the handle, making ballistic movements easier. For the cramped home gym, the adjustable kettlebell is a winner.

Main Pros and Cons

• Long term warranty
• Has a unique and sturdy construction making it easy to use
• Has a reputation for solid durability
• It is compact, preventing painful arm scrapes during a workout
• Does not shake or rattle when more weight is added to the disks
• Color coded weight chart
• Hard wearing
• Adjustable

• It is slightly bulkier than the non-adjustable kettlebell.
• It has a stacking plate shape creating an imbalance. This can lead a user to get hurt when they accidentally bang themselves.
• Expensive

Who should and shouldn’t buy this Product

Understand that no kettlebell is ideal for people with back or shoulder problems. In fact, if you should be training in the presence of an instructor, do not use an adjustable kettlebell in their absence. The adjustable kettlebell is only best for people who have fitness experience and have used a kettlebell before. Note that poor execution of movements can cause you to injure yourself, the more reason to consult a personal trainer.

If you intend to use the gear for a daily workout routine, the adjustable kettlebell is certainly something you should consider investing for your home gym. When starting out, there is an ideal range, to begin with, so you must know the right one for you before engaging in a kettlebell workout. For the average woman, for instance, a range of about 22 to 26lbs is the most suitable, while for the men, a range of 26-30lbs is ideal.

Verdict and Summary

The fitness gear adjustable kettlebell is suitable for both men and women. What a user chooses depends on their current fitness goals and strength levels. The main material of a kettlebell is cast iron or steel, and all adjustable kettlebells come with a locking device that works effectively with metal weight plates. With kettlebell routines being strenuous, it is vital to use a handle that fits snuggly in your hands to avoid injury risks. With an adjustable kettlebell, you want to be sure a reasonable warranty covers you.

Any kettlebell can be a great investment for your gym, especially if you plan to use it regularly. While there are many styles and brand names on the market, some adjustable kettlebells have better features than others, and it is up to the user to make a choice that fits their budget and needs.

They are designed for flexibility and strength training in weight loss, building muscle and great conditioning. What’s more, they can be used for a large variety of exercises than most other brands. While making your purchase, consider your limitations, goals and workout routine. The adjustable kettlebell is certainly effective; it’s only a question of what you need the gear for, and the results you seek to achieve.

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