Empower Kettlebell Weight Set for Women, Adjustable...
  • DESIGNED FOR WOMEN: 3-in-1 Kettlebell weight set is ergonomically...
  • PATENTED DESIGN: patented click and twist design effortlessly adjusts...
  • KETTLEBELL WORKOUT BENEFITS: All-in-one total body workout tones hips,...
  • BURN MORE CALORIES: Kettlebell workouts are quick full-body movements...
  • WHAT YOU GET: One 3-in-1 Kettlebell weight set, and a ‘Swing...

This adjustable kettlebell is specially designed for women. The empower 3 in 1 adjustable kettlebell is designed to perform like a regular kettlebell while focusing on being compatible with women’s strength, body structure, and mobility. This kettlebell has been featured in many TV shows including The Today Show.

The kettlebell has a light weight range of 5-12 lbs, and it comes with three weight increments, allowing the performance of multiple effective workout routines and techniques aimed to achieve incredible fitness results while still being safe enough to use at home. The Empower 3 in 1 kettlebell ‘s handle if designed to provide a comfortable yet strong grip.

The kettlebell comes with a free ‘’Swing Yourself Fit Total Body Workout DVD’’ which features an expert trainer and many proven-to-be-effective workouts.  So, if you’re a woman and new to kettlebell training, then look no further because the Empower 3 in 1 kettlebell will meet and exceed all your expectations.


Weight Range – 5-12 lbs

Weight Settings – 5, 8, 12 lbs

Dimensions – 6 x 10 x 6 inches; 12 lbs

Handle Width – wide handles.

Ease of Adjusting Weights – the kettlebell is based on a click and twist locking system, very simple and self-explanatory. The mechanism works fast, and it’s completely effortless, making it easier to adjust the weights quickly, engage a cardio workout, re-assemble the kettlebell and store it back again at your room. There are only three weight increments, meaning that it takes a little less work space and reduces the mess caused by the spare weight plates.

Easy to use in workouts?  – Using this adjustable kettlebell cannot get any much easier, all you have to do is pick a proper weight, and engage your workout. The Empower adjustable kettlebells handle is wide enough for two-handed exercises. It has a smooth texture with a strong grip that helps you focus on performing the exercise correctly rather than trying to hold the kettlebell properly. The kettlebell ‘s center of gravity shifts obviously shifts every time the weight is adjusted, but it remains well-balanced.

Who is this product made for?

This adjustable kettlebell is not the heaviest out there, nor the most versatile, but it’s one of the best adjustable kettlebells for its targeted audience. It is a budget friendly product that would save a lot of space but still does its job perfectly. Although the center of gravity is not static and will shift with each weight setting, the design of the bell which is similar to a regular kettlebell will allow a deficit-free performance of any traditional kettlebell exercise such as snatches, goblet squats, regular squats, the Turkish get up, biceps curls, swings, etc.  The weight range on this kettlebell is ideal for female beginners and athletes, and the weight adjustment offers a flexible execution of each exercise and more control over the intensity of each one of these exercises.

Does This Compare to Other Brands?

The Empower 3 in 1 adjustable kettlebell has a light weight range compared to other adjustable kettlebells from brands like Kettleblock, ironmasters, gold’s gym, etc. which are made for a more experienced audience. The kettlebell is pretty durable for light to moderate use, as it is mainly made out of plastic, unlike other heavier kettlebells where quality is a must to ensure safety. The weight changing mechanism is as fast as any other expensive kettlebell like the Gold’s gym adjustable kettlebell.

With that all being said, Empower is one of the few brands that designs and manufactures gym equipment targeted at women and they’re pretty good at it. Finally, the price of the Empower 3 in 1 kettlebell is the lowest out there for an adjustable kettlebell, and for the given value, the price is a true bang for the buck.


  • Very low in price.
  • Replaces a set of 3 kettlebells.
  • Can be used to perform any traditional kettlebell exercise.
  • Can be used to lose or gain weight.
  • Has a very simple and fast weight adjustment mechanism.
  • Saves a lot of space and can be stored anywhere.
  • Very quiet and safe during workouts
  • Popularity among users (featured in the today show).
  • Comes with a free ‘’Swing Yourself Fit workout DVD”.


  • Kettlebell mostly made out of plastic.
  • Available in one color way.
  • Not very versatile in weights.
  • Cannot be used with extra weight expansions
  • The plastic body might get shattered if hit too hardly into the ground.


The Empower 3 in 1 kettlebell is the best adjustable kettlebell to buy for this price, especially for women. The weight adjustment mechanism, the design, and the smooth build quality contribute mean you can be safe doing effective workout routines.

The bell will help you improve your overall body strength, tone up your muscles, cut down extra fat and build a solid foundation for much more intense workouts. Also, it is an economic-friendly item as the price on this bell is drastically lower than many other similar adjustable kettlebells. The Empower Kettlebell also comes with extra digital material (DVD) offering more guiding and help towards reaching your fitness goals.